What The Forecast?!! App Reviews

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THE Best Weather App

Here in Connecticut the weather changes fast. Being a coastal state we have to be aware of the moon and the tides, too. Most weather apps only have a cloud or sun picture and a temp that is a couple hours old. But This app has it all, the basics and humidity, wind, alerts, moon phase and more! Plus it makes me smile and often laugh! I can not recommend it enough. Get it! It is Great!

Battery drainer

Love the humor, forecast is pretty accurate. Uses quite a bit of battery life.

This app is crazy

Yesterday I went to check my app and it said “he’ll fires” I’m like what?! Then it quoted “get ready, your in hell now Bitch” it did not make me laugh and I do not think it’s funny. Especially because it said the degree was 456 like what?!

Need sayings for wind

Would be nice to have a windy threshold and some sayings to go along with it.

Consistently funny!

I don’t know about you, but when I check the forecast, it’s less because I really need to know and more because I’m curious. In the case of WTForecast, I just constantly check it for the crazy funny and profane comments! P.S. If you get words like “Frak” instead of the “F” word, check your profanity setting. One note a friend who knows me well made… can there be a “super profanity” option?

You have to get this !

I have weather bug, and I doubt I’ll ever delete it.. it’s my ‘comfy’ weather App.. but this ??!!! OH YOU WANT IT ! I have profanity set On & come visit my app three times a day to to lift my spirits? I love that any concerns are always addressed & the app is always updated !!! I absolute recommend this app for anyone who wants to ENJOY THE WEATHER ~ Rain Or Shine


This app does not match hat the weather is in my city, ever. it will say foggy and be beautiful and sunny outside. i like the app, it is comical, but get it together!!

Great app

This app keeps me going in crappy weather and I share with my friends and they download it also!


Literally the best app I own now. Hats off to you for making this ????

Keeps getting better

One hell of a funny app.

Who’d a thunk weather could be so fun

Best weather app ever. Love the profanity it’s downright hysterical. The weather being a “cold bucket of suck” is exactly what I was thinking last night, opened the app and there it was. Maybe this app reads minds, too! Scary! Gave 5 stars, which for me never happens. Good stuff.

Saskatchewan girls are tougher

I absolutely love this app. I recommend it to all my friends. If I were to request one change, in Saskatchewan Canada we look forward to -10 C... We start wearing capris at 5C... Weeks on end below -20C and it starts to feel like spring.. Keep up the good work!!!

App review

If I turn off profanity I don’t get any phases at all.

Love it! But location can’t be set.

Love the app! Only downfall is that I cannot set my current location (ie my zip code). That option was changed a while back. It now automatically sets my current location to the nearest town.


The app was an entertaining idea, but the problem is it wont open & keeps crashing; therefore, making it unusable. Ive tried everything from rebooting my phone to deleting & reinstalling the app...nothing helps as the same problems are still there. ? I cant give a good rating to something thats unusable.


All the information I am looking for in a weather app with the whitty sarcasm of your best friend!

Sometimes completely wrong

Today in my city it’s 68, windy and cloudy. WTFORECAST thinks it’s 75 and sunny. Sometimes it’s amusing. Sometimes it’s just crass. It needs the get better at forecasts before it gets more stars.

Love it.

Entertaining to say the least, only thing I’d like to see in the future is for it to be a widget to replace my boring weather widget.

Best app ever invented.

You need this in your life.

Greatest App Ever

Makes me laugh no matter what the weather! Very enjoyable.

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