What The Forecast?!! App Reviews

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I love it! Makes my day.

Absolutely hilarious!!

Not only do you get your weather updates but also some weird, strange, hilarious, & humorous statements. I also think the person who made this app doesnt like Mark Zuckerburg very much, which I can relate.


So perfect! Always makes me laugh when Im having a bad day . I love the fact that you can change the color. ??

Finally a weather app that gets me!

Accurate weather with a hint of inappropriateness! What else could you ask for?!


Right on, man. This app totally rocks. ??

Fun app

This app is refreshing to use and see. Real speak to describe the weather. It is irreverent and funny!!

Hilarious but inaccurate

The comments daily are really funny but the weather is rarely correct

So great, I just wish...

I think this app is hilarious and I love it. I just wish the dev would add a widget feature. I would love to be able to see the funny forecasts where the rest of my ‘at a glance’ info is.

The bees knees

I think its hilariously awesome. Very accurate from what i can tell and just all around entertaining.

Hilarious weather app

Love this for the witty weather updates

Great app!!!!!

Its pretty darn accurate and always provides a laugh. If you want to see something really hilarious, turn off your cellular and your wifi and you will find out what the weather is in Hell hahahaha

Cool till its not.

Its funny, but the negativity gets old real quick.

Awesome, but chance of rain for every freaking 5 minutes?

Lots of fun, but who needs to know the chance of precipitation for 5 minutes from now, or 15 minutes from now? Please put the chance of precipitation for each hour of the day to help us plan our day! Without that info, how do you expect us to go outside to experience the crappiest part of each day?


Just the laugh i need each day!

Best app ever. Cant stop laughing

Ive never been so interested in the weather before. I check it all the time now!


Of all the crazy stuff going on these days, this app tends to get you to crack a smile during your day. Love it.

Need more funnies!

I want to rate it a 5 but, Im opening app every morning and getting the same ones over and over. I share them on FB every day to get my friends to smile but Im not going to keep sharing the same ones. I have to close the tab over and over till I get one I havent used. Please come up with some new ones. ?

Love it!

I look at the weather every 5 minutes just to laugh!

Makes me laugh every time!

I love this app so much! Every time I open it a laugh out loud. So funny!

Concise and Accurate Data, Wonderful Snark

If you need me to use more words to convey my feelings about this app, go back and reread the title again. For people that dont know how weather measurements work: this app gets data from a server somewhere, which in turn gets sensor data from a weather station somewhere near you. There arent an infinite number of these around, but if you are in the US, the nearest one is probably within 1/2 mile of your current location. In that distance, it is very possible that the temperature is different, the wind is different, the falling moisture is different, etc. The app is not failing, its just impossible to have infinitely precise measurements. If you need infinitely precise measurements, whip out your own measuring tools and test right where you are. Just saying.

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