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What The Forecast?!! app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 7152 ratings )
Weather Entertainment
Developer: William King
Current version: 3.8.0, last update: 3 weeks ago
First release : 03 Nov 2015
App size: 85.01 Mb

What The Forecast?!! is an accurate weather app that will explain, in real terms, how nasty it is outside. You will never again wonder if you should just go back to bed (which, of course, you should). Sometimes, it is better to just give up and try again tomorrow.

WTForecast?!! features:
- Over 7821 obnoxious phrases describing the current weather conditions.
- Switchable profanity settings (On, Some, Off).**
- Listen to the latest weather saying in different voices.
- Accurate weather reports directly from AerisWeather.
- Daily forecasts for 7 days.
- Hourly forecasts for 48 hours.
- Weather alerts from NOAA.
- Backgrounds and precipitation that match the time of year and current weather conditions.
- Select from U.S. or metric units in the app Settings.
- Descriptions of basic weather terms used in the app.
- Share your weather reports on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

**Make sure you go into the What The Forecast?!! app settings and set the profanity setting to "On" for the full effect. You wont be disappointed (Or, maybe you will. I dont know you...).

Pros and cons of What The Forecast?!! app for iPhone and iPad

What The Forecast?!! app good for

Most importantly WTForecast is extremely accurate and reliable. I absolutely love the premise of the app providing commentary on the day’s weather. The drawback is Siri. Some of the lines require voice inflection and even with the addition of the paid accents, Siri doesn’t do that very well yet. I still think this is a 5 star app because of the accurate information and the fact that I’m sure the developers will improve the app as Apple improves Siri.
I love this app. It’s entertaining n keeps me laughing. We got to get some more vulgar quotes in there. A lot of the same ones come up. I went into the app today. Cuz it’s a horrible foggy/rainy day out today. Hoping to see something gross, the app won’t even open. Keeps crashing. I figured I may delete it and re-install to see if that helps. I already turned my phone on/off and that did absolutely nothing. I’m still giving the app 5 stars cuz this is one of the best creations I’ve seen for a weather app. Maybe we can get more creative n provide a radar of the current locations? Maybe asking too much seeing this is for entertainment only. Regardless, keep up the good work and keep up the with the potty mouth. It’s great. Just need to upgrade our phrases. One of my quotes is, “A day without laughter, is a day lost!” This is my daily humor!
I had his for a while and recently tried to reload it and it just shuts off. App will not work at all. Anyone else having this trouble ??
When you read their description of the weather, you laugh so hard that you forget what the weather is like outside! I find myself opening this app multiple times a day just to get a laugh! Brilliant!
This app is amazing???. It gives accurate and easy to find weather . Not to mention the amazing words on the screen. And unlike other weather apps when your WiFi is bad they don’t just shut down you app and say sorry, they give you the weather in hell just in case you were wondering how the devil was feeling. I highly recommend this app to anyone who wanted to put a little humor into there weather. Keep it up???
Every single time I open this I get laugh. Settings allow either filthy words (like mine! ?) or just funny. Love it!!

Some bad moments

This app crashes as soon as I open it. Guys, you have a problem! It used to work fine.
Entertaining app, however - after installation and usage, I noticed I was seeing those annoying “Congratulations IPhone user” pop-ups in safari. Uninstalled app, problem went away.
Usually way off at the temp and current weather, currently -32 and it says it’s -21 that’s a huge difference lol
I downloaded this app because it was supposed to be funny...even with the profanity ON, I don’t get the “hilarious” or even “funny” remarks/jokes Instead, they are just stupid...and don’t waste your money on the voices...they REALLY aren’t worth it
I drive for a living. I don’t care about a funny comment about the weather at the current tiny township I’m passing through because it will be in the rear view mirror soon enough. I want the weather 50 miles away at one of the locations I entered in the settings. But this app demands to look up the weather for my current location upon every startup and refuses to default to a preset location. For being designed in such a presumptuous way, it gets a single star.
Why MUST I share my location with the app in order for it to work? Just let me enter my preferred city. There’s absolutely no reason this app can’t work like every other weather app in this regard. Blatant and unnecessary disrespect for users’ privacy.

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